About sbdees

sbdees franchise resales broker for Rita's Ice, Fantastic Sams, Cellairis, Stellar Transportation an

sbdees Packages, Markets and Negotiates the Sale of Businesses

sbdees is an experienced sales centric boutique consulting firm operating as intermediaries and marketers within the Business Brokerage, M&A and Franchise Industries.  

We  represent small to medium size business owners, franchisees, and franchisors, who wish to sell their business in the open and/or private markets. sbdees is full service able to handle all aspects and processes related to marketing and selling businesses. Our portfolio is made up of approximately 150 businesses located across the USA and Caribbean. Offering a wide range of options with varied EBITDA and prices ranging from as low as $35,000 to over $22,000,000.  

Referral Representation

98% of our clients come to us by referral! Operating by referral representation requires a long list of satisfied clients. Clients who are happy to discuss why they chose sbdees to represent their interest and referred other business owners to use our brokerage service. 

Franchise Resale Broker For Five Franchisors

We understand the ins and outs of franchise resales and have achieved successful results for major franchisors and franchisees. These results have lead to sbdees being named the referred broker Rita's Italian Ice, Fantastic Sams, Cellairis, Stellar Transportation and LEDWRX.

Focus on achieving results for our clients which negotiating successfully with buyers.   

Rita’s Italian Ice Joins the List of Franchisors to Select sbdees as Referred Franchise Resale Broker 

Record Sales Using Proprietary Sales Processes

sbdees proprietary sales process has lead to several record sales for or clients. We have closed the largest multi-unit franchise deals for Cellairis and Fantastic Sams. 

Our proprietary sales process focuses on transparency and guiding buyers through a four-stage buying process. 

The four stages focus on; 1) Education 2) Confirmation 3) Verification and 4) Expectations. We educate buyers about the business and the industry. We confirm the business’s performance. We verify the information is accurate. We make sure their expectations are realistic.