Exclusive Offers

Stellar Transportation


State of Florida Only

Stellar Transport is the number one name for non-emergency medical transportation services. We offer local and long-distance transportation for the disabled, elderly, and stretcher patients. As our name implies, Stellar Transport delivers exactly as promised – Stellar Transportation, for those who need it most!

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The Grout Medic


The Grout Medic is Offering Special Corporate Markets  

We are currently expanding our network of tile and grout franchises across the country and there are many prime territories available that offer tremendous market potential. Our main focus for expansion includes the Eastern U.S., and our exclusive territories offer remarkable opportunity for entrepreneurial individuals looking to build a thriving business.

The Grout Medic franchises work best in large metro markets with a high population density. The time may be right to set foot on that career path you have been searching for.  

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New Franchise Locations Available Across the Country at a Special Discounted Offer

Cellairis is the largest and most successful mobile phone accessory and repair franchisor in the country. An industry leader in providing cutting-edge tech accessories, and mobile device repair services, Cellairis®, based in Alpharetta, Ga., is committed to offering a wide range of modern and sophisticated products and quality repair services.   

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Rita's Italian Ice


Unpublished Locations Available Throughout the Country

With over 600 franchises across 31 states, Rita’s Italian Ice offers a unique value proposition to franchisees and consumers. Rita’s serves two core products in creative combinations, Italian ice, and frozen custard. That makes Rita’s Italian Ice unique among all the frozen dessert and ice cream franchises.  

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Fantastic Sams Hair Salons



Unpublished Locations 

Available Throughout the Country

Fantastic Sams is synonymous with professional, on-trend, affordable service at over 1,100 locations across the country. We were the first salon franchise that focused on providing beauty services for the whole family, and we’ve been growing strong since 1976. Now, our updated New Image design has infused fresh energy into our iconic brand, helping entrepreneurs across the country introduce a new generation of loyal clients to our salons.

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Costa Rica-Mas Credito


Investment - Costa Rica Financing Company

  • Mas Credito offers qualified investors an opportunity to generate a secure
    fixed monthly return on their invest.
  • The company is seeking cash investments from qualified investors.
  • Funds will be used to increase Mas Credito’s loan reserves and will be immediately reinvested by financing new motorcycle purchases.
  • Following Mas Credito’s proprietary model loans will be made to Costa Rican motorcycle buyers. The company has established dealers in place as well as additional dealers ready to use Mas Credito as the financing solution for their customers.